Search Engine Optimization Tips

Search engine marketing begins with you designing a website with pages to showcase your products, your thoughts, or whatever else you want the world to see. Remember that once you place something on the internet it is on the internet forever. Even if you delete the item there are fragments of it left that experienced computer technicians can pull up if they want to. Never put anything on one of your web pages that is incriminating or embarrassing.

You need to go to every site that you can find that has some relevance to what is on your site. At each of these other sites you are going to need to try and establish a link from their page to your pages. Most sites will allow this because the hyperlink is going to benefit you and it is going to benefit them as well.

The next step to using search engine marketing is to buy keywords from the engine of your choosing. If your webpages are trying to sell bake ware then you might buy the following keywords: baking pans, cake pans, cookie sheets, brownie pans, silicone baking pans, cooling racks, and so on. Buying the keyword does not guarantee you that your pages will be offered as the first suggested website when people use that keyword. So you are going to have to do a few other things to use this type of marketing to your advantage.

Spiders are sent out every night by the search engines to crawl over the internet and discover what is happening on the many different pages. Spiders are internet spies that report everything they read to their commanding engine. When they read a link on one page they automatically follow it. When the link delivers them to another page that has relevance to the page they just left they report this information to their commanders. When there are several pages with links all leading to the same page they report to their commanders that the one page they all have in common is the most popular. Thus the engines increase the ranking of that page and suggest it before they suggest other websites on the same subject.

To understand what search engine marketing is you will have to understand what a search engine is. All of you that are using a computer use one of the big engines to browse and find the things you want to see while you are online. Google is one, Yahoo is one, Bing is one, and Ask is one of the big engines that people turn to when they are looking. Search engine marketing is the act of using these big guys to help steer traffic to your website.